Sam’s Almost Daily Kidlit Trivia Locii

Yesterday’s answer: Garth William’s illustrations for The Rabbit’s Wedding caused a ruckus because … one rabbit was black and one rabbit was white. As preposterous as that sounds, someday the “Tango Makes Three” thing will seem just as dumb. Wait, it’s ALREADY DUMB!

Meanwhile back at Kidlit Trivia HQ, we have to note that this trivia thing has failed to catch on. Kidlitters are apparently not stopping here (almost) daily to read it. So I think I’m going to wind it down for now…


3 Responses

  1. I liked it … I just never knew any of the answers. You know some serious trivia! Some of the questions intrigued me enough that I looked them up, but I never came back to answer cuz that sorta seemed like cheating.

    Anyway, thanks for running them. I learned some stuff.

  2. Would it help if I more-frequently posted, “I don’t have a clue, but I’m looking forward to knowing the answer”?

    I’m with Linda, it’s been a great series, even if I haven’t known a lot of them.

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