Sam’s (almost) Daily Kidlit Trivia Quizlet brought to you by BACA

It’s the same old story: celebrity looks at a few childrens book. Decides that all childrens books are garbage and only he/she can save the little children of the world.

But this story doesn’t end with Mr. Papple’s Apples or whatever that thing was.

 No, in this story the celebrity creates a juggernaut – a book, an album a TV show.

Alan Alda gets involved. Harry Belafonte joins in. Shel Silverstein, Arnold Lobel and Judy Blume add their talents.

Incredibly, the author of “Scoring: A Sexual Memoir” (or something like that) is called upon as well.

For 10 points, what did book/record/show did all these folks combine to create?

For 1,000 points: What was the name of Judy Blume’s contribution?


One Response

  1. Was it Free to Be You and Me? If so, I don’t know what Judy Blume’s contribution was.

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