What I’m reading now – Porch Book Upgraded

I do most of my reading at night, in the dark on my beloved GP2X ebook reader. (Which I’ve blogged about before. If you’re interested enough to run a search, you’ll find out about a $200 e-book machine that rocks the mic and does a million other things, including Ms. PacMan.)

ANYWHO, I’ve grown to love reading without a lamp or without pages to turn, so I save actual paper books for the porch.

However, if a porch book proves so fascinating that I just don’t want to put it down I will on rare occasions put away the eBook reader and continue reading the porch book at night, despite the many drawbacks of having to keep a light on, flip pages, etc…

That’s an awfully long way of telling you how fascinated I am by “In Hazard” by Richard Hughes.

Hughes was also a children’s book/children’s TV writer, but this book from 1938 is adult-ish. It’s an account of a ship caught in a hurricane which is somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. There’s also a certain amount of Mervyn Peake-ishness to it, which is what made me want to keep going on it.

Also intriguing, the author’s widow’s remark that he had 26 wheelbarrow loads of mostly manuscripts in the house. That’s even more than me!

One important note about this book: The depiction of the Chinese sailors is inexcusable.


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