Book Locale: Bull Run Battlefield Today

Here’s a Google Earth image of the setting for my next book, Stonewall Hinkleman and the Battle of Bull Run. Of course, this shows today’s Manassas, which is quite developed. (You can really see it when we zoom out a bit below…) Stonewall spends most of the book in a far different world, of course, once he’s gone back in time to the battlefield on the day of the actual battle. (Don’t ask me what the date was, my co-author handles the details.)

Did you see the Battlefield Sunoco? Thats exactly the sort of thing Stonewall (Hinkleman) would scoff at. Yet, he’s more than happy to get a big Mountain Dew there when his father stops for gas on the way home.

On the subject of convenience stores… I wanted to post similar photos of Crickenburg, especially Lyle’s trailer park and the site of the Qwikpick. Maddeningly, Google Earth has only very low res pictures of our end of Virginia. So there’s nothing to see. Boo!

I’d be very glad to start a blog of Google Earth pictures of Book Locales. But in most cases, it probably takes the author’s brain to find the exact spot.


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