Sam’s (almost) Daily Kidlit Trivia Iota

This is ( to me anyway) one of the toughest ever, so today’s first question will be worth an unprecedented 12 points!!!!

Scene: Flying over Hollywood, we zoom into a meeting room at a top studio just in time to hear movie history be made:

Movie Big Shot: This new kid’s book is smokin’ hot! But the title’s got to be changed!

Toadie #1: It stinks!

Toadie #2: I hate it.

Our Hero: How about if keep the title, but we pluralize the nouns?

Movie Big Shot: I love it! Get Angie on the set! Roll ’em!

What was it?


For 1,000,000 points: The supersuper challenge :

Actually Big Shot had a point. The book was actually two books merged together with a merged title. The title of the second book had, you guessed it, plural nouns! What was it?



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