Sam’s (almost) Daily Kidlit Trivia Wikimoment

I finally made it to Wikipedia!

Not an entry about me, but I’ve shown up in someone else’s entry. It’s the entry on kidlit author Ellen MacGregor.

Later writers who indicated that [Ellen MacGregor’s character] had been either an influence or a favorite include such authors as Harry Turtledove[4], Susan Page Davis[5][6], and Sam Riddleburger[7].

For 10 points, what is the name of Ellen MacGregor’s character?


For 10,000 points: Superchallenge:What is the character’s first name?

Answer: I don’t know? Does anyone?


One Response

  1. this is really funny, Sam. I didn’t know I was in Wikipedia, either, but I have a Google Alert out on my name and it sent me the link to your site because you mentioned me–as having been mentioned with YOU in the Ellen MacGregor entry on Wiki. Sweet! I did love Miss Pickerel. My own children’s books, Feather and Sarah’s Long Ride, should have such a wide audience!

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