Sam’s (almost) Daily Kidlit Trivia Blipvert

The forgotten kidlit writer?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard any blogger mention this writer. Possibly she’s been overshadowed by her famous relative.

But she wrote this:

If I write a letter

and mail it to someone I love,

Someone I love

may write a letter to me.

And this:

I have a tooth that wiggles.

It wiggles more each day

until it wiggles all the way.

For 10 points, who is she?


Superchallenge 500 points: Her famous relative made a splendid drawing of her in a book. Can you name the book?


Sorry, couldn’t find the pic in question online.


One Response

  1. That poem is in our Richard Scarry storybook from when I was a kid — the Best Story Book Ever — so I’m betting on him for the drawing. (Just read this to KD at the eye doctor on Thursday. Patricia Scarry! Only I never thought that was the real name.)

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