Why is Ben Franklin in our Civil War book?

If you received an ARC of our book, Stonewall Hinkleman & The Battle of Bull Run, straight from our publisher DIAL, you may be puzzled by the sudden introduction of Ben Franklin’s name.

Don’t panic. We know that Ben Franklin was not in the Civil War. (Although since this is a timetravel book, anything is possible.) Actually, part of the book that was not ready in time for the ARC is a facsimile of a confusing old document written by Ben Franklin 60 some years before the Civil War.

When the real book comes out, this document, along with a map, will be included.

What won’t be included is all the swearing. There wasn’t anything real bad in there, but we decided to rinse Stonewall’s mouth out with soap and make our book more classroom friendly.


2 Responses

  1. My wife really appreciated the insert about swearing, by the way.

    I’m almost done with “Stonewall” — and I love it! I thought that the presence of Ben Franklin made perfect sense, thought I hope it will be further explained before we’re done. After all, if we’ve got weird inventions floating around, surely Dr. Franklin was involved somewhere, even if just as a user.

  2. I noticed the insert about swearing with my arc, too. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m so happy to have an arc with the swearing intact. Swearing interests me.

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