What I’m reading now…

Last night I started “The Duke’s Children,” the final novel in the gargantuan Barchester/Palliser series by Anthony Trollope.

I skipped two of the earlier books, so I won’t actually be done with the whole series. But I will finally reach the end of the tale.

Recently reread “The Dark Knight Returns.” Not quite as amazed by it as I was back in the day. But I’m still game for a little more Frank Miller, so my next graphic novel will be “Batman: Year One,” which I haven’t read before.

Speaking of Extroidinary Gentlemen, I recent read Alan Moore’s The League of E.G. and, coincidentally, a series of stories about an E.G. In the book “New Tales of the Arabian Nights” by Robert Louis Stevenson, there are six stories that involve a Prince Florizel, a very Batman like character, except for his lack of a bat suit, etc…

In the kidlit department, I’m nearly finished with Cleary’s Ralph Mouse trilogy. They’re interesting because she gives kids this wish-fulfillment premise (mouse rides a toy motorcyle) but then endeavours to prevent Ralph from riding and, whenever possible, to heap moral quandries on his little head.

In the audiobook department, I’m partway through Master & Commander, by Patrick O’Brian. It’s the first in the series, but I’ve dabbled randomly amongst the later volumes already. Meanwhile, my writing partner Michael Hemphill read all 17 or so books, practically back-to-back.


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