Stonewall’s Catalog Debut & Qwikpick Rides Again

The new Penguin Young Reader’s Catalog is out and there we are on Page 26…

Why not order a few dozen right now? And while you’re at it… check out what’s in the bottom right corner … Yes, Qwikpick is still in stock. It’s never been easier to order this fine mid-grade novel. Read the reviews and you’ll want to order a whole case…

A couple other things to note:

Stonewall Hinkleman will be available as a  e-book. That was news to me.

The tagline — Back to the Future meets the Civil War — is a tad frustrating. Michael and I worked so hard to make this a time-travel book UNLIKE Back to The Future. The same thing happened with Qwikpick. I really wanted to distance myself from Stand By Me/The Body, so I actually cut a section of the book. And I still got the “Stand By Me” tag.

Boy, doesn’t that Tuesday Mourning cover look nice? When Qwikpick’s catalog came out it showed an old version of the cover. I’m glad we’ve got Tuesday’s finished art this time!

There’s no mention of our heroine in the ad copy. (She didn’t make it to the cover, either.) I think she’s an appealling character and I hope girls find out that she’s in there. She will be mentioned on the jacket flap, so that’s good.

192 pages! Why, it’s practically Anna Karenina!


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