My two favorite…. An 80’s Trivia Question

This post is mostly for Madge and maybe Steve A. who probably had a crush on this young lady back in the sixth grade, but everyone is welcome to play along.

Here’s a middle-school yearbook photo circa 1982. Can you complete the slogan on the young lady’s shirt? It begins “My Two Favorite Dan…

Hint: Remember I went to a rural school. And, it is “funny.”


12 Responses

  1. Dang, Tom, I have no idea, unless it’s talking about Dan Fogelberg (and there’s not much funny there…) I will be dreaming about this tonight until I get an answer. (Can’t imagine B’burg was that much more citified than Staunton…)

  2. How odd. Did you know your comment field automatically inserts smiley faces?

  3. Hmmm … I’m stumped.

  4. I’m a complete blank!

    Is this something that I’m going to be kicking myself about when I find out the answer?

  5. Just figured out that these smiley faces are due to the ellipsis/parenthesis combo — obviously a combo I have to stop using!

  6. Well, I guess Steve didn’t have a crush on her after all or he would have remembered that the shirt said:
    My Two Favorite Daniels…
    Charlie and Jack!

    A perfect shirt for a middle-schooler to wear on picture day!

  7. And even as far back as the early 80’s, she managed to pass under every adult’s radar with that shirt?!?! Even the photographer’s??? (Although, as a non-school person, maybe he/she went ahead with the picture just to applaud the girl’s moxy!

  8. I really don’t thhink anyone thought twice about it. There’s another kid in the same yearbook wit a Michelob shirt. And I rather think the parents were quite pleased by it.

    Like I said. This was a rural school….

  9. I remember Jim Beam being very fashionable, too!

  10. Now that you mention it, I think that I have seen that shirt … I went to junior high school in Wolfforth, TX (no, you probably haven’t heard of it … it’s near Lubbock).

    Dang, that was a good one.

  11. Excellent!

    Saw George Thorogood last night at Wolf Trap. He likes to drink alone … with Jack D. And Jimmy B, too.

  12. Dang!

    I really should have remembered that one…

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