Top 6 Notes on the Dark Knight

Apparently this has already been voted the Best Movie of All-Time on IMDB, which to me seems unfair to Beverly Hills Chihuahua which hasn’t even had a chance yet.

Anyway, here are my top 6 notes on the movie. (I read that you should make as many “top #” posts as possible.)

1) Joker says he is an “agent of chaos.” A tip of the hat to Moorcock? Is Batman the Eternal Champion and Robin the Companion of Champions?

(BTW: That was my only interesting note.)

2) There were some people in the audience who desperately wanted to laugh at Joker gags — as one might have done 20 years ago at Jack Nicholson’s funny Joker. I do wonder why this Joker didn’t joke after the first 30 minutes or so.

3) People keep saying The Dark Knight is so dark. Wait until they get a load of Rorshach in the Watchmen. (I missed that trailer by the way. Not sure I can stomach the movie. Jackie Earl Haley is too good.)

4) Was that giant criminal on the boat named Tiny or Zeus? I just checked. HIs name is Tiny, but he played Zeus in “No Holds Barred.” The big guy has over 100 credits, including oddly enough “Perfect Strangers.”

5) The Batman franchise reclaims the “elaborately constructed tough choice” bit from Spiderman. “Batman and Robin” (or one of those) had a “tough choice” where Batman had to choose between saving the girl or Robin. Then Spiderman 1 borrowed the device and made Toby choose between the girl and a cable car full of people or something. Batman takes it back in The Dark Knight, so … your turn, Spidey.

6) I liked all the TV screens. Very “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Speaking of which, I checked it out of the library and I’m about ready to reread it. As long as I’m on a fanboy streak, let me recc.: Miller’s “Daredevil: Born Again.”


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  1. Gaahh! It’s a conspiracy. I can’t read any of my favorite blogs tonight, they’re all discussing Batman. Will be back to read this after I’ve seen it.

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