Only 2 Kidlit movies in the top 250 movies?

Yesterday I mentioned the IMDB list which had quickly placed The Dark Knight at the very, very top.

So I decided to take a look at the list and see what the top kidlit movie was. To my mind Babe is not only the best kidlit movie, but also one of the best movies ever made. It didn’t even make the top 250. I’d put The Little Princess, That Darn Cat, Pinnochio, Harriet the Spy, etc… way up there, too. Not surprisngly, none of them made it.

What did? I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…

Finally at 115 I found The Wizard of Oz. Not even in the top 100? What?

Shockingly, there was only one other Kidlit movie in the top 150 that I could find. (Unless I missed something or didn’t realize what one of the foriegn movies was.)

Can you guess what the other kidlit movie was?

For the answer, click here and scroll to #159.

The list is quite interesting, but very frustrating and so very wrong-headed. It’s not a list of favorite movies, but simply a ranking of movies based on their ratings by IMDB users. So a movie that everyone gives an 8.5 to will do better than a movie that I give a 10 to and someone else gives a 6 to.

For example, The Treasure of Sierra Madre beats The African Queen by over 100 spots.  Sorry, that just won’t do.

An interesting note. I could swear I remember looking at this list years ago and seeing Blade Runner at the top. That made since, since Blade Runner is 1) great and 2) loved by nerds. But now Blade Runner is at 102. WHAT?


3 Responses

  1. Well, it has to be “The Princess Bride,” though to have it that low on the list is an insult.

    :Click the link:

    Sigh … What kind of a ranked list is that? It suffers from the usual problem of ranking new things better than classics, but even beyond that the ranking is sheer madness.

  2. Word up, Wickle! Good guessing, too!

  3. It’s hardly a guess … “The Princess Bride” belongs on everyone’s top movie list.

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