Book News – Qwikpick, Stonewall and The Catsupult

Things have been crazy around here. I’ve had all these posts I wanted to write and not time OR when I found the time I’d have a computer problem.

But here’s what’s brewing…

Qwikpick got a swell review from a guest blogger over at Gail Gauthier’s blog…
… and a really, really, really nice mention in Fuse #8’s blog at the School Library Journal site.

Stonewall Hinkleman is moving along splendidly. We’re sorting out typos, getting final reads from two Civil War consultants and checking out the cool graphics made by the book designer.
Did I mention we also decided to give the book a good soap-in-the-mouth cleaning? So, if you’ve seen the ARC, you’ve read a few &%)#s and *#&#s which won’t be in the final book.

We’ve gotten a couple of nice reviews from booksellers already!

Meanwhile, I’ve been building a PVC catapult for the Tomato Festival!


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