Another great John Christopher comment…

I don’t know why people are suddenly finding the John Christopher interview, but I’m glad they are and I’m glad they are leaving such great comments. But I hate to see a comment get buried on an old post, so here’s the latest one from “Alan:”

I have always found John Christopher’s books set apart from much else I read. Once a book was finished and the narrative resolved it would be forgotten whilst I moved onto the next one. John Christopher’s books were never that way – the endings and the characters would stay with me for, well, ever! I think this is partly due to the wonderful habit of finishing the book before the story – if you see what I mean – leaving so much to the imagination. I always felt privileged that I was being treated as an adult and a participant in the tale as I was allowed to speculate as to what was to come. Simply a wonderful author and should be in print forever – great storytellers are too rare to have to wade through second hand bookshops to find them.

“Finishing the book before the story…” Well put! I imagine you could hold a writer’s conference to wrestle with an idea like that one.


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