When BLOGs collide…

I’ve been blogging about John Christopher…

My pal and comic book superstar Dave Lasky has been blogging about Roger Hane…

And the two just collided.


Yes, you can see a tiny signature on this cover. According to Wikipedia he did the others from this edition of the Tripods Trilogy, too.

This is an excellent cover to my mind. Doesn’t give a thing away, fits with the tone of the book, has details which will only be understood while reading.




I was wondering if he had done any other Christopher books and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t realize which one: The Guardians….

(At least I think this is the one…)


One Response

  1. WOW! Yep, that Guardians cover is by Roger Hane as well. Back when I was avidly reading the Narnia books, I wouldn’t touch it if it didn’t have a Hane cover. And I think I feel the same about these John Christpher books. If I find one with a newer, more “realistic” cover, I am just not going to be interested… Maybe that’s a bad attitude, but I’m a visual person, I guess.

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