Comment upgrade from John Christopher post

I’ve gotten some real interesting responses from that John Christopher week I had awhile back — of course the best one was from Sam Youd himself.

But here’s a comment that was recently added to one of those old posts and I thought it was so nice that I’d give it an upgrade a make a new post out of it:

 I just recently rediscovered a box of old books hiding in my great aunts attic, and was very happy to discover the Tripods trilogy and The Sword of the Spirits trilogy.
I loved them both as a child but I think the sword of the spirits stayed with me longer because I didnt see the ending coming at all. I read online that its currently out of print in America because it doesn’t have a happy ending. I think what I like about it is that it asks something of you rather than giving you all the answers.


Well put, Ezra. I’m sure you noticed that Sam/John said he preferred the Sword book to the Tripod books. Both are amazing, of course.


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