Kung-Fu Panda – Pinkwaterian?

Just saw Kung Fu Panda, liked it a lot and noted a few Pinkwater-esque bits. Not enough to suggest that Pinkwater had written it, no it wasn’t a Pinkwater story. More like, maybe the seeds Pinkwater planted in young minds beginning in the 70s are bearing fruit.

The great mystical wise being? A turtle. With a touch of Melvin the Shaman in him.

Also… a portly misfit main character, a lot of food and a moment when Dustin Hoffman sounded a lot like the Big Pink himself.

So I’m going to run down the writers and see if there’s anything Pinkwatery or Kidlitty in their resumes:

Jonathan Aibel – nope. (King of the Hill writer, some connection to Shrek.)

Glenn Burger – same. (Exactly the same! How odd…)

Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voiff, nope and same. (Exactly the same! How odd…)

Googling for their names +Pinkwater showed nothing either.

So what have we learned? Nothing.

One Response

  1. I would like to point out that when you rearrange the letters of Daniel Pinkwater you can come up with Panda Reel? Ink Wit! I should think the connection would be obvious. (Obviously playing too much word twist on Facebook. Obviously not very good at it.)

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