Journal of the Whills

Wow after 31 years as a Star Wars fan I just today stumbled across “The Journal of the Whills” on the frontispiece of an “Art of Star Wars” book I have that includes a movie script.

The Journal is apparently the book of history in which the stories of the Star Wars movies are recorded. Kind of like The Book of Three, perhaps? (Or maybe Qwikpick Papers?) Boy, it would be great to be able to ask George Lucas if he had read Lloyd Alexander. You are familiar with my Star Wars/LOTR/Prydain/OZ comparisons, right?

The book, published in 1979, answers two questions of mine — which no doubt many other fans already know.

##At least as far back as 1979 Star Wars was indeed Episode IV: A New Hope.

##And, Han Solo’s parsec blunder was intentional on the part of George Lucas and Ben’s reaction to it as a blunder is in the script.


One Response

  1. Han Solo wasn’t making a blunder. Kessel is by a bunch of black holes. Not having to make a detour meant he did have a fast ship.

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