Pooh’s residency status…

Since there seem to be other Pooh-minded folks out there, let me ask this question:

Where does Pooh live?

Disney would have us believe he’s “Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood…”

But I contend that he in fact lives near the 100 Acre Wood, whilst Owl lives inside it. (Until Owl moves into Piglet’s house that is.)

Surely A.A. and E.H. discussed this and if E.H. had meant for the whole map to be construed as the 100 Acre Wood, he would have labeled it as such. On the other hand, traversing 100 acres is quite a walk, especially for a child, fat bear or Small beetle. So, if there is a 100 acre wood in the middle, trotting back and forth betwixt Chrisopher Robin’s house and Pooh’s would have been a major undertaking. This might, however, explain Pooh’s need for a little smackeral upon arrival at any dwelling.

Wikipedia answers this with its usual please-everybody type answer:

In A. A. Milne’s books, the term “Hundred Acre Wood” is actually used for a specific part of the larger Forest, centered around Owl’s house. (See the map in the book, as well as numerous references in the text to the characters going “into” or “out of” the Hundred Acre Wood as they go between Owl’s house and other Forest locations.) However, in the Pooh movies, and in general conversation with most Pooh fans, “The Hundred Acre Wood” is used for the entire world of Winnie-the-Pooh, the Forest and all the places it contains.


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  1. Having made the pilgrimage twice to Pooh’s forest, I can tell you that Shepard’s drawings are faithful to the actual spots. The 100 Acre Wood is part of Ashdown Forest http://www.ashdownforest.org/pooh/winnie_the_pooh.php
    and, armed with a map, lots of time, and a good sense of direction (in my case I brought my husband) you can see Roo’s Sandy Pit, et al.

    It is quite a hike around the area, but worth it if you love Winnie-the-Pooh. At some points you have to cross private property, so it’s best to ask first–although the residents are quite used to it. And if you want to play Pooh Sticks you need to bring your own sticks since there are none left in the immediate vicinity of the bridge.

    My best moment in the Wood was at Gills Lap (aka Galleons Leap) where there is a large stone upon which is a plaque memorializing Pooh’s creators. I saw it as the sun set and flung myself on it until my husband grew weary of my theatrics and forced me to leave. (Otherwise I’d still be there now.)

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