Would you like to be part of my next book?

What I need is your yearbook photo, circa seventh grade. (I’ll also take sixth or eighth or whatever else…)
These photos may be used as pictures of the various narrators of different chapters. Many of the characters are WAY COOL, but there is a chance you could end up being the villain.
And if you know anybody else that would like to try it, please ask them to send in theirs, too.
I’m especially on the lookout for:
  1. Nerds,
  2. a male athletic type,
  3. a mean-looking kid, (only a minor villain)
  4. a Vietnamese male 7th grader,
  5. a really, really cool African-Amercian female 7th grader.
  6.  a non-yearbook photo of a really, really ugly sweater vest.
 If you’re interested, scan or photograph your yearbook photo without undue delay and email it to me.
Here’s an old shot of me (right), just to be fair:
Thanks alot! May the Force be with you…

One Response

  1. Hey, Sam, remember when you introduced me to the Automotivator? And I used it to make bad posters? There’s one in that post with a pic of the 8th grade me. I have one from seventh grade, but really, the glasses are nerdier in this one. http://saralewisholmes.blogspot.com/2007/11/warning-automotivator-is-dangerous-toy.html

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