Nuggets from Time’s 1956 survey of Kidlit

This 1956 Time article has some GREAT stuff in it! Read it yourself or try these highlights:

Whatever is wrong—or right—with children’s books is mainly the responsibility of go-odd [60-odd?] editors, only a dozen of whom are men. A literary agent who has worked long in this field says that “with a few possible exceptions, all of them are slightly nuts.”


Since the librarians control the bulk of institutional book buying in the U.S., and some publishers count on school and public libraries to buy as much as 80% of their children’s books, the danger is that juvenile stories may be written for the approval of librarians, not children.


James Thurber: “The trouble is, everyone thinks he can write a children’s book.”


Dr. Seuss (rhymes with deuce) is the …

Surely that was the last time anyone had to be told how to pronouce the doctor’s name!



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