Before Chicken Soup for Soul, there was Spiritual Milk for Boston Babes

I found the Bunyan poem I just posted whilst searching for a copy of “Spiritual Milk for Boston Babes” which I heard was the first kid’s book printed in the U.S.

According to an old Time magazine article: ” It ended with the threat and promise that “the Righteous shall go into life eternall, and the wicked shall be cast into everlasting fire with the Devil and his Angels.”

Well, Editorial Anonymous will be glad that it didn’t rhyme or have talking squirrels in it.

Anyway… has anybody out there read this book? Google Books hasn’t scanned it yet and Gutenberg didn’t have it. Fuse #8 may have the real thing at her library.

It was written by Cotton Mather’s grandfather, so one might imagine that little Cotton grew up on it. And look how he turned out:


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