Frank and Ollie – A must-see movie, esp. for kidlitters

We just watched “Frank and Ollie,” and man am I glad I did.

Like so many of my generation, I’ve grown to take Disney movies for granted. They were there when I as born, so they seem to have sprung out of this big corporate profit-hungry studio. And in fact, I know that I already held the movies in much higher esteem than many of my peers.

But this movie shows us how wrong that all is. Disney studios were pioneers. Nobody had ever tried anything so big. And they really put real effort into it and it shows — especially when this documentary lets you look at the individual pencil drawings for some of these sequences.

And until either Frank or Ollie came out and said it, I had never reallythought through how they sat down to a blank sheet of paper and made these movies. It’s hard to imagine a time when no one knew what a Disney movie looked like and someone had to sit down and do it. 

For instance, when Baloo rubs his neck worriedly when talking to Mowgli, it seems so natural that we don’t even process it, much less appreciate it. But this movie reminds us that someone had to decide what Baloo should be doing, then they had to draw it and get it perfect. Over and over again in Disney animation history, Frank and Ollie were the ones doing that.

On top of all that, Frank and Ollie were fascinating people who shared this amazing friendship and working relationship. It makes for a great documentary. Especially, if you don’t yet have a proper respect for Disney movies. You will after seeing this.


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