The Chocolate War – still tasty?

I was at the library recently and they had a display of themed books up. The them was chocolate and the books were along the lines of “Chocolat.”

But one of the books was The Chocolate War. Mmm, layers of Cormier’s rich prose draped like nougat over a sweet, sweet story.

You know, I’ve been rethinking that book recently. I found it powerful and amazing when i was a kid, but now i wonder if it’s not just a giant mass of unbridled negativity. And the outcasts, like myself, who read it just find even more reason to continue being outcasts because after all, everyone else is evil and man is inhuman to man and they’ll rip up your T.S. Eliot poster if they get a chance.

But it’s been a while since I’ve read it. I should really read it again before coming to some grand conclusion.


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