What I’m reading now, was watching

Main book: Still reading Paul Clifford, the book that starts with the infamous line: “It was a dark and stormy night.” I’ve almost tossed the book several times. Most recently it was because of a character that (the leaves are pretty) talked with parenthetical expressions that no person sane or (has the moon become bigger?) or insane would (olive oil) use.

Porch book: Finishing up “Bagthorpes v. The World” by Helen Cresswell. It’s a masterpiece. She was really in her stride at this point, able to turn the tiniest thing into an exagerrated crisis.

Audio book: Silas Marner. You may already know that George E. is in my estimation one of the very best writers ever. Dickens, Peake, George E. And then you get into arguments.

I think the ending of this book has been slightly spoiled for me, but the spoilage has become foggy, so perhaps it’s not. The temptation to dump Paul Clifford and make this my main book is great. (I no longer commute, so audio books take a long time for me to get through.)

Magazine: The Week has an excerpt from “The Drunkard’s Walk” by Leonard Mlodinow. The excerpt focused on The Monty Hall Problem. Which I’ve written about before. I liked Mlodinow’s take on it because: he gave good context about the Ask Marilyn controversy, mentioned a similar game where rats beat humans and explained the Monty Hall answer in a different way.

Watching: Just finished up disk 1 of Wonderfalls. I like it. It’s got a feel to it like the people behind it aren’t bored and aren’t following the TV rules.

Also just finished the Fourth Series of One Foot in the Grave. Alas, it is the last series on DVD in America at present. Best sitcom ever? Yep.


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