Cece Bell Music Video! Dog-tastic! Baloney-riffic!

Cece’s made a video for a Scott Brookman song called, Monday Shirt. It combines 2 of Cece’s favorite things — putting clothes on a dog and making letters out of baloney.

The song is great, by the way. Brookman is like a folk musician, if folk musicians were obsessed with 1960s pop instead of mountain music.

If the embedding hasn’t worked or if you want to Keepvid it, here’s the url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwCwX7HAdBY




One Response

  1. hey, ho….it is a doggone good video. I have always enjoyed watching pets eat. The various slurps and crunches are not the same as the ones mere humans make. I think stripes are very flattering on a hound. Draws attention to the lovely ears.

    Very astute description of me as a folk musician obsessed not with the mountain music but with the musique populaire du 1960’s.

    Ever read the Pinkwater book “Jolly Roger” about a dog who becomes king of the docks in Hoboken? Fine stuff. We brought it home from the library t’ other day.


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