Rove on McClellan’s book, Voldemort on Voldemort

It’s extremely rare that I agree with Karl Rove, but I did when he said this about McClellan’s book:

“If he had these moral qualms, he should have spoken up about them.”

Have we entered an era where people simply go with the flow until they get a book deal, when suddenly they note that the flow is pure evil?

So there’s another alternate ending for Harry Potter book 7. Instead of defeating Voldemort, Potter just arranges a million dollar advance for his memoir.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah … as much as I loathe Rove, I have to agree on this one. George Tenet came out with the same kind of thing, and I have to wonder about the ethics of coming out with a book like this. “I went along with all of this corruption when I was getting lots of money for it, but now I think I can make a lot more money by selling a book about it and saying that I’m better than all those people with whom I worked.”

    You know … I wonder what Lucius Malfoy did after the end of the series? Hmmm …

  2. I heard a soundbyte on the radio this morning, that was McClellan from a few years ago when he was still at the White House.. and he was saying the same sort of thing as Rove about someone ELSE who been an insider and then had written a anti-Bush book, possibly Tenet.

    I guess it’s from page 1 of the Spinning Judas Handbook.

  3. Well, Dick Morris made a lot of money by turning on the Clintons after he lost his job with them … I guess McClellan thought that it looked like a great idea.

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