Real fictitious people

I made my occasional appearance on Roanoke’s cable access news roundtable show today.

Oddly, two of the stories we discussed involved fictitious people. Actually one of the fictitious people may not be fictitious, it’s hard to tell right now.

In the first story, someone placed an attack ad in our paper right before the city council election using the name: Joe Smith. Joe Smith is definitely fictitious.

In the second story: a councilman who resigned under a cloud of questionable expense accounts has an email regarding a conference attended. however the conference may have been imaginary and so might the person mentioned on the email, a Ms. Felicia Anderson. That story is still unfolding, so we might hear from the real Felicia Anderson yet.




2 Responses

  1. Well, who needs fiction fiction when you have nonfiction fiction like this?

  2. Non-fiction fiction! I wish i had thought of that!!! That would make a great book actually, an encyclopedia of people made up for non-literary purposes.

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