Beverly Hills Chihuahua inspires list of great talking dogs

When the trailer started and mentioned Chihuahuas, I thought maybe they had made a Skippyjon Jones movie on us. Disneyito Sneakito!

But it turned out to be an ad for Beverly Hills Chihuahua:

Cece, of course, got excited about it, because that is her nature. Whether or not she’ll like the actual movie is a different question.

Talking dogs have a spotty history, but some will live forever … in our hearts.

1) Mr. Peabody

2) Rowlf

3) Itty Bitty, the dog in Cece’s upcoming book of the same name.

4) Farfel

5) Peggy Lee’s singing Peke from Lady and the Tramp.

6) Fly, from Babe

7) The Disreputable Dog from Lirael by Garth Nix


(You can see the dog better in this cover from Abhorsen, but I thought the Disreputable Dog was best in Lirael.)

8) The actual talking “I Love You” dog from the Little Caesars commercials.

9) Toto. Yes, he talks.

10) The Kibbles and Bits dogs – a Jack Russell and a Bulldog, or something like that. Sort of a live action version of the Looney Tunes dogs:



This reminds me of the Dog List that I kept with the Great Wastoli back in High School. We had a huge list of famous dogs. It’s amazing how many there are. A few favorites from then and now: Ubu, Mike the Dog, Farmer Chundo McFay and Marc Anthony, the kitten-loving dog from this great Looney Tunes cartoon:



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