Back from a break, links to some distractions

I’m back from taking a little blogging break and visiting author/essayist Madelyn Rosenberg.

During the trip I listened to a Kidlit book on CD which I detested. But I’m too nice to tell you which one. Really, though, how did that mess get published? Who thought kids would want to listen to all those characters stand around and yammer and never act like real people?

Anyway, here are some links to things that ARE interesting:

BRISTLEBOT – I may have put this up before, but it’s always worth another look. I’ve made my own Bristlebot, but it’s not as dainty or speedy as this beauty:


On Youtube: 

How to make your own:


Next up is PHUN.

Phun is great. It’s a zero-player game. You set it up, turn it on and see what happens. Basically, you’ve got boxes and circles and motors and other stuff and you nail it all together and then see what happens. You can make a mess or a car or a robot. I’m pretty proud of the two-legged walker I made. He’s got style.

(I’d love to show you a picture of him, but i can’t get the “new and improved” WordPress to do it.)




The best juggling stuff is so simple. This is three balls and string and the stuff you can do with it is amazing. (The middle ball is on the string, but not connected to it.) I’ve worked out a few tricks so far, but am stuck on shooting the moon continuosly. I did have a interesting mental breakthrough today, but it hasn’t actually improved my tricks much.


I recently got Visual Pinball running on my computer again. You need Visual Pinball and PinMame to play the good stuff.


Also into: Dire Wolves

…. because of The Neddiad.



4 Responses

  1. Am I to understand that you were in my neck of the woods and didn’t look me up? Hmmph.

  2. I’d hate to dispell my air of mystery…

  3. Good point.

  4. Next time you come up I’ll invite everyone over for pizza. You can wear a disguise… Better yet, we can all wear disguises.

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