Happy Birthday Qwikpick

May 10th is the 1-year anniversary of The Qwikpick Adventure Society. That’s one year of being a published author. One year of being Sam Riddleburger. One year of constant worry about sales numbers and whether or not the sequel will get published.

And it also means a year (actually a tad more) of writing this here blog. Nearly 600 posts.

There have been ups and downs.

Many of the ups have been reviews by other bloggers. And the general niceness of this community.

The other best moments are school visits. Wow, there is just nothing like that. All those kids getting all fired up about writing smelly poetry. And some of the kids have read the book and that’s really neat.

There have been some great moments on the blog, too. Getting to interview two of my all-time favorite authors: Daniel Pinkwater and John Christopher.

And then there’s Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Blues and Dolly Parton’s Pigeon Forge Days and Dollywood Nights, although I may be the only person who considers that a highlight.

It was great to share my good news about Origami Yoda with you. And I really hope to roll out some good news about the Qwikpick sequel one of these days. I love those kids — Lyle, Dave and Marilla — and there’s a lot more story to tell about them.

Until then …


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  1. May the “poop” keep flowing!

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