Helen Cresswell Week – Trina Schart Hyman’s covers

Just look at these covers. Trina Schart Hyman’s are the first 5. Surely these do far more to sell the books than anything I can say about them. Click here for a better look…>

Any book that can hold such a wealth of oddball characters is surely worth reading. Check out this close-up of 4-year-old Daisy — now here is a formidable villian!

The miracle, of course, is that the books were put into the hands of an artist that could actually pull it all off.

I recall flipping back and forth from the text to the cover as I gradually figured out who all the characters were. The labor T.S.H. must have put into this! There are no generic teens here — unless you count Jack, who’s “ordinary” after all. Each portrait is story-based and the covers are loaded with tidbits from the books. There are five masterpieces here and I think she did covers for Bag.s Haunted and Bag.s Liberated as well.

Is there a Caldecott-type award for greatest jacket illustration? If so, T.S.H. surely earned it here.

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