The Bagthorpe Website….

Yes, it’s true that I’m a relative newcomer to the Kidlit Blogosphere…

But I daresay I may have beaten most of you to the Web with my own Kidlit Page circa 1996. The subject: The Bagthorpe Saga by Helen Cresswell.

Here are some excerpts from the page, you’ll notice that my writing style/spelling ability has not much altered in the last 12 years…

—-If you haven’t read the Bagthorpe books, turn off your computer and head straight for the library. They’ll be in the kids section (hopefully), but they are equally suited for adults to read, too. They are hysterical accounts of epic disasters written in a style far superior to much of the rest of world literature.

—-Fact the First: Since much of the joy of reading the Bagthorpes is the surprising nature of their misadventures, the keepers of this page are careful not to give too much away. Instead this is a place to share our ideas, comments and opinions of the most dangerous family that ever lived.

Ordinary Jack
Absolute Zero
Bag.s Unlimited
Bag.s V. the World
Bag.s Abroad
Bag.s Haunted
Bag.s Liberated
The Bagthorpe Triangle
Bagthropes Besieged
Jack Bagthorpe- our hero.  Jack, a young teen,
is the only normal person in a family of
loonies.  He is the keep of the dog ZERO.
Mr. Bagthorpe- without a doubt my favorite
character.  It is his reaction to the chaos
around him that creates the books’ greatest
moments.  Of course, he is often the reason
for the chaos. 
Daisy-  The true bringer of chaos.  This four-
year-old manages to cause hundreds of pounds
worth of damage everywhere she goes.  Often
seen in the company of maggots, ARRY AWK, a
billy goat and GRANDMA.
Grandma-  Possibly the most important
character.  She sees to it that there is
always trouble brewing.  She does this by
goading MR. BAGTHORPE, inciting DAISY to
mayhem and spreading wild mistruths.
Uncle Parker- Uncle Parker is not a blood
member of the Bagthorpe family.  He married
into it, but enjoys the family pastime of
arguing, bickering and causing trouble.
Mrs. Fosdyke-  The Bagthorpes housekeeper and
cook.  Always near the center of the
Arry Awk- DAISY imaginary friend and scapegoat
Mrs. Bagthorpe- Always tries to Think Positive
Aunt Celia-Ethereal mother of Daisy.
Rosie- Jack’s little sister,  Very arty.
Tess- Jack’s big sister, Very Wordy
William- Jack’s Big Brother, Very Noisy
The DogCollar Brigade-annoying relatives
Aunt Lucy Rich, annoying relative
Anonymous [of Grimsby]- oft-quoted HAM radio operator
Zero- Jack’s mongrel dog, a famous celebrity
Helen Cresswell
has also written
about 40 other books.
Most of which I
haven’t found in
the U.S.
I can reccomend:
Winter of the Birds
Dear Shrink
The Beachcomers
The Night Watchmen

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