Helen Cresswell Week begins

Welcome to a week devoted to one of my very favorite kidlit authors. Helen Cresswell.

An author who could yuk it up and even play it grody — I’m thinking of the hilarious maggot action from The Bagthorpes. (I also mention this since, much to my chagrin, I’ve written a book about poop.(Which is dedicated to Helen Creswell and a few other great authors.))

But Cresswell is also an author who could write a book that was small but big, fantastic but real, simple to read yet hard to grasp — here I’m thinking of books like The Nightwatchmen and The Beachcombers.

During this week I’ll try my best to evangelize, especially to librarians. And I’ll review a few books. And I’ll discuss my personal possible impact on the plotline of a Bagthorpe book. (Really!)

But in truth I’m a poor champion for Helen Creswell, since many of her books and TV shows never seemed to find their way across the Atlantic to Virginia. I have paid a fortune to buy some from the UK, but she has some very popular works, like Lizzie Dripping, which I’ve never seen.

But I’ll do my best….


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