Me and Misty in Chincoteague

I just got back from a weekend in Chincoteague.

It’s both great and disturbing to be in a place where a huge placard on the side of a gift shop advertises a kidlit book for sale. “Misty Book $2.99.”

This is the second time I’ve visited a place that was thoroughly saturated with a kid’s book. The other was Prince Edward Island, home of Green Gables which is surrounded by a golf course which in turn is surrounded by every bit of seaside junk you can imagine.

Chincoteague is not quite like that, but ponies and Misty in particular are omnipresent/worshipped/on sale at bargain prices.

I have a feeling that Chincoteague would still be pony obsessed without Misty, but the book captured a certain tradition and its trappings so it has created a guidebook for following those traditions and trappings.

As you may know, part of the whole pony deal is that firemen/cowboys herd the ponies across a body of water on  certain day of the year. Yet, while we were there we saw ponies being hauled around in a trailer. Why the trailer can’t be used on the special day is a question the ponies must ask as they are herded across the aforementioned body of water.

Meanwhile, I saw an ad for ponies which are Misty descendants, now there’s something that Green Gables couldn’t offer.

According to Roadside America, Misty is on display — stuffed. Luckily I missed that and you should, too, by not following this link.


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  1. I love Chincoteague! My parents used to have a little place in Assateague, so I spent a good bit of time there in my 20s.

    And … I am dying to go to PEI! That’s where the Acorn clan settled upon coming to North America from Germany. Did you meet any Acorns there? Supposedly the place is crawling with them. I’d love to hear about your visit there sometime!

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