Stop SPOILERING Anna Karenina!

Two times in the last couple days I’ve read Anna Karenina spoilers.

One was on the already-annoying GoodReads Trivia game* and the other was in The Week magazine.

In the trivia game, even the question gave away the book’s ending, the answer merely supplied details. In The Week, a person couldn’t write a sentence about that 942 PAGE BOOK without spoiling the ending.

Folks, who’s going to want to start a book that big when it’s already been spoiled?

Since it is one of the Great Novels you are doing a real disservice in ruining the book for others. I’m thankful that I made it 36 years without having it spoiled so that I could properly enjoy it.

* Opening an obscure book and plucking out a detail does not a good trivia question make, i.e. in Book 7 of the Witches of Cattywampus series, what color is the door Begolia goes through to join the Coven?


3 Responses

  1. That’s one of the most famous endings in the history of literature… how could you have gone this long without having heard it?

    Believe me: you don’t read Anna Karenina for the plot twists. You read it because it’s one of the most richly thoughtful novels ever written.

  2. But I DID read it for the plot twists… and the richly thoughtful bit, too.

    And if I had been told the ending I seriously doubt I would have read it. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. I would discuss that more, but then I might spoil something myself.

    I like to start a novel with a blank slate. Even the info on a jacket flap can spoil it.

  3. Have you seen that tee-shirt that has a lot of movie and tv spoilers? Oh, it has one book spoiler on it (Harry Potter themed). It’s a good thing there isn’t a shirt out there made of book spoilers.

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