On the bubble again

Does “on the bubble” mean what I think it does? If so, I’m on it again.
The condition of waiting to hear one’s fate seems to be a nearly permanent state in this business.
It’s not  pleasant thing, but it’s entirely self-induced.
In fact I would have to say that the great pleasure of selling my first book was certainly tempered with concern over whether or not it would help me get my OTHER manuscripts published. Had I just been able to relax and enjoy myself, there wouldn’t have needed to be a bubble.
That huge burst of blogging I did late last summer was largely due to waiting to hear about Origami Yoda. I was burning off my nervous energy, trying not to dwell on it 24/7. 
The Origami Yoda contract got signed about a onth or so ago and I had a fairly peaceful off-bubble time.
Then I got this crazy idea in my head. Instead of polishing off my latest manuscript, I found myself dusting off a certain beloved, soul-poured-into manuscript. My agent greenlighted it and my editor at Dial agreed to read it…
So, I’m back on the bubble.
Cece, by the way, has at least one book on the bubble with Candlewick right now which I just love. So I’m on the bubble by proxy in that case.

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  1. Them’s some shiny bubbles! Good luck to both of you!

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