The fickle hand of fate at the thrift store

Years ago, I lost my last copy of Ordinary Jack. I was always loaning it to people, trying to make them love the Bagthorpe books the way that I do. But people never read loaner books and they never return them either.
I’ve looked in used book stores and thrift shops for YEARS for another copy. I’d take anything, but I especially wanted one with the great cover by Trina Hyman Schart.
So finally, I broke down and ordered one from Abebooks. I just got it recently. Nice, but no jacket, no cover illustration.
Then today at the thrift store, there it is. A paperback with Hart’s fantastic drawing on the cover. (More on that great cover during Helen Cresswell week coming soon.)
Also at the Thrift store:
Two copies of Taran Wanderer.
One copy of Black Cauldron featuring Disney drawings.
Arnold Lobel’s Dinosaur book
An LP of the Mighty Wind Soundtrack, that looked so retro it fooled me at first.
*edited to remove foolish spelling blunder

5 Responses

  1. You know, they recently rereleased Ordinary Jack in paperback. Not with the Schart cover, though, which is infinitely superior. I’ve always thought that books like “Surviving the Applewhites” were pale knock-offs of the Bagthorpe chronicles anyway. Now THERE’s a series they shoud bring back in print. And who should do the new covers? I’m ah-gonna pick Chris Riddell. Why not?

  2. Fuse! I had no idea you had read the Bagthorpes! That makes two of us, I guess.

    I actually like the new cover quite a bit. If it makes a modern kid pick up the book, then word up!

  3. I would not correct your spelling of Trina Schart Hyman’s name, except to make it easier for subsequent searches of her books.:)

    I hear you on the loaner books deal. I have lots of loaner books, and I eventually get around to reading most of them. If I can remember who lent them to me, I return them. With books I lend, I have to get 2nd copies or tell myself, “Resign yourself to the knowledge that this one might not come back.”

  4. Thanks for the spelling correction!
    How did that happen? Cece tried to tell me the right name and I blew it…

  5. It happens! (And Hyman is actually the 2nd of her two names– books are shelved under H). For years, I merged Lord Byron’s and Percy Shelley’s names.:) By the way, if you can get your hands on a copy, check out Self-Portrait: Trina Schart Hyman. It’s interesting to read the book and then find articles about her that tell the biographical story hinted at between the lines of her early 80’s illustrated memoir.

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