Sloth shout out!!!

Have you seen the list of Celebrity’s book picks at the NEA yet? (These are books that celebrities love, not books they wrote.)
Lots of famous classics on the list — Hillary Clinton likes Goodnight  Moon, Chevy Chase likes Dr. Doolittle, etc…
But there is one real shocker on the list!
Patrick McEnroe — The Sloth’s Birthday Party by Diane Redfield Massie.
Dude! Where did that come from? I thought I was the only one that remember this one!
But a stop at Amazon shows I’m wrong, not only are there glowing reviews for it, but it’s actually selling pretty well, despite seeming to be out of print.
I had three of Massie’s books when I was a kid. Sloth, The Lion’s Bed and A Thief in the Botanical Gardens. B

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  1. I am a die-hard fan of Zigger Beans. I want it back in print (and without being reissued with illustrations by someone else as was the travesty of the Baby Beebee Bird). I have a copy, and I’ve scanned the pages so that I don’t wear it out.

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