Phineas Finn … last thoughts

I’ve finished my back-to-back reading of Phineas Finn and Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope.
Together, the two books are almost as long as War and Peace and by the time it’s all over you feel like you can look back over Phineas’ career with fond nostlagia.
These books are part of the gargantuan epic begun with “The Warden” and carried through about 11 books or so. The most famous (and rightly so) of these book is “Barchester Towers.” With various characters taking center stage at different times. I’m not sure that any one character appears in every book, but Griselda Grantley is rarely more than one degree of seperation away.
The Phineas books reminded me of “Framley Parsonage,” an overlooked masterpiece from much earlier in the series. Here Trollope telescopes from the everday trials to world-changing politics and intertwines the two.
Phineas Redux also has a little bit of that deliciousness we love from “Barchester Towers.” All-in-all they make for highly recommended political soap-opera.
In other Trollope News:
I saw the first two episodes of the 1970s BBC version of the second set of the these books known as The Palliser Novels. The BBC Series was called The Pallisers. It has that terrible 1970s BBC lighting, but also some very nice casting.
The word on the street is that they may be remaking the Pallisers. Okay, but why not roll all the way back to The Warden and start the whole saga there? Alan Rickman can reprise his role as Slope! Snape has nothing on Slope!
The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a decade to get on film. Well, worth it, I’d say.

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