Poetry Friday – Librarians Get NASTY

Cece and I just had a great joint presentation at a VEMA conference, which is the Virginia Educational Media Association, which I think  was a convention of librarians.
From somewhere came the title “Making Books Fun” or something like that. So Cece and I showed the librarians what we do when we visit schools.
Cece had those librarians wearing animal ears and acting out “Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood.” The key is casting Sock Monkey well, she always says, and she got a wild one this time!
As for me, I gave the librarians the same challenge I give kids. Can you do what the kids do in my book, The Qwikpick Adventure Society and write poems that create not a word picture, but a word smell? And can you make it even stinkier?
Yes, they could… and some of the could even get the haiku syllables right in just 2 or 3 minutes of writing time. This one came close:
thrown up stinky
chunky bits of Cheerios
mixed with applesauce
And they could be funny:
Candles burning bright
Caught my hair on fire tonight
Crackling hair, stinking so
But one librarian wrote a simply incredible poem. Oddly it was the first I read and was a total surprise. It did not win the popular vote, which went to a poem which was (I think) an inside VEMA joke, but this poem is among the very best ever written for Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contests…
Unpacking winter box
Afghan reveals bones, tissue
Heart races, smell explodes
-Deborah Wood

6 Responses

  1. That first one is much too painful. Urgh! The last line of that last poem is spot-on.

    Here’s a haiku for you (not about a smell):

    The lupine emerge.
    The gardener brings out beer.
    Slugs glut the slug trap.

  2. Oh, EEEEW!!!!!
    The screaming is the bit that didn’t get written into the poem.

  3. I love it! Who says haiku is boring?

  4. Thanks for the slug poem! Gross, but not stinky. the idea of all those slugs actually offends the tactile sense. Well done!

    And, anybody that DOES say haiku is boring is welcome to read the too gross to post poems I get from kids.

  5. Fun, Sam. And also very YUK! I have an inexplicable liking for short, structured poetry forms like haiku and limericks…

  6. Haiku are great!

    They’re a lot of fun.

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