Wodehouse takes on Kidlit Wannabes

In my never-ending (if rarely progressing) quest to scope out all the dramatic portayals of kidlit authors, I today watched an episode of Wodehouse Playhouse from 1978. (The DVD is Series 3, Volume 2.)
In this episode, “The Editor Regrets,” beloved Wodehouse character Bingo Little has become the editor of “Wee Tots.”
He is beseiged with chums pushing submissions on him at the Drones Club.
It’s rather the same scene that Editorial Anonymous suggests she runs into at conferences.
The actual Children’s Author in this drama, sadly, has little going for her. Her portrait is not the deep, intimate author’s portrait we seek. For that we must continue to look elsewhere.
Speaking of which, do not let that elsewhere in which you look be episode 2 on this DVD. As it contains extensive use of black face. Yes, you heard right. In 1978, no less. Historically correct for the period of the period piece, perhaps, but frankly the story was not so great that it could not have been passed over for one of Plum’s 10,000 non-black-face stories.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent series idea. My own personal favorite is an episode of Black Books (third season) when the bookstore employees decide to write their own children’s book. It ends in flames because they are worried that it is too good and they’ll have to be hounded by the press.

  2. Oooh, I’ve been meaning to watch that. Saw the first season and love the idea of those nuts writing a book…

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