If Arnold Lobel was a Rock’Em Sock’Em Robot….

…. he could take all comers, Vol. 2.
To prove my point yet again, I need only a book cover:
If you’ve read this fine book, that’s enough for you to nod in agreement. Yes, Lobel is the rockemist, sockemist of them all.
If you have not read this book and if you have not read this book aloud to children, you and they are missing out.
Again, Lobel gives us wonderful drawings to illustrate a subversive story. The moral here isn’t that you should be neat and clean and submissive to authority, but rather that authority should keep it’s fat nose out of your business.
This is no tissue-paper homily about “everybody’s different,” but rather a frustrated oink: “Leave other people alone, for pete’s sake!”
Like the Grasshopper stories, Small Pig is nuanced social commentary that also makes a fine story. I loved it as a kid. I love it now.

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