Dealing with rejection, failure, frustration … the usual.

Over at Finding Wonderland, they were talking about dealing with rejection and failure.
This is something I know about, though I haven’t always dealt with it well.
Right now, despite the good news I’ve reported lately, I am still dealing with a heart-breaking failure. But I don’t want to talk about that right now….
Here’s what I had to say over at Finding Wonderland:
Here’s a coping mechanism that is also the cold hard truth:
We’re playing a game in which the rules are not only stacked against us, but they are also unknown to us.
The complete rules are also unknown to editors, publishers and even the book-buyers. However, some people seem to have a feel for them.
So we might write what appears to be a good book, even a great book, but because of the rules of the game it’s really a dud.
Some people seem to figure out the rules and slip in with a lousy book. And others are unaware of the rules and just happen to write a perfect book.
But the masters, like Sachar, have sussed out the rules well enough to play the game AND they write great books within those constraints.
So when you get rejected … realize that you may have made a great shot, you just did it after the buzzer went off or into the wrong basket or some such violation of the unknown, but sacrosanct rules.

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