Kid: Harry Potter can wait, I’ve got to read Qwikpick!

Wickle, a sometimes commenter on this blog, has put up a review of Qwikpick! And it’s a fantastic read!
One of the best bits is this line:
My 11-year-old … took a break in the middle of reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to read this…
Wow, put that on the book jacket and print another 100,000* copies! (*this number may be a Lisa Yee style exageration.)
Wickle has some other really nice things to say about the book being good for a reluctant reader and for a somewhat nostalgic adult.
Best of all, Wickle’s endorsement, proves that Qwikpick can reach across party lines. Democrats & Republicans, Obamians & Huckabeans are all welcome at the Qwikpick!

2 Responses

  1. Not to mention Gryffindor and Slytherin…

  2. You know, that quote probably could go on the jacket. I think you have my real name from the e-mail … feel free to put it on there. 😉

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