Kidlit in Space — ranked by level of preposterousness

It’s about time I returned to making incredibly valuable lists, so here’s one to fit a vital need.
Here are 5 kidlit trips to space, ranked by the outrageousness of the space flight from least to most. (We will presume it is not implausible that worms and bears, for example, to go to space.)
1. Lowly Worm’s moon shot in “The Air Book.”
Scarry obviously paid a lot of attention to how the real moonshot was done. He does stretch things a bit when the door latch breaks and Lowly holds it shut during re-entry.
Ridiculousness rating: 2
2. Miss Pickerel On the Moon
Unlike some characters, Miss Pickerel doesn’t suddenly become an astro-pilot. And there’s actual discussion of navigation.
“The gravity of the moon is one-sixth of the earth’s gravity.”
“Bravo!” Mr. Williston exclaimed. “Have some applesauce.”
Ridiculousness rating: 3 (I have to admit I have not read the whole book, at least not lately.)
3. The Berenstain Bears On The Moon
The versimilitude is getting a little shaky.
Brother and Sister Bear climb a rickity ladder up to get into their rocket. And although their dog has a helmet, he doesn’t have a spacesuit.
BUT … here’s a nice touch, when they fly the Bear Country flag, Sister Bear holds up a corner because flags need a little help on the moon after all..
Ridiculousness rating: 5
4. Space Witch by Don Freeman
A glued together rocket ship fueled by jet-black magic takes a witch and her cat on a wild ride!
“Oh fiddlesticks, we’re way off our course.”
Ridiculousness rating: 9 (but it’s supposed to be ridiculous, of course.)
5. Voyage to the Mushroom Planet
(Or whatever it was called)
As you know I just reread this and … c’mon … A rocket made out of scraps. No spacesuits. No language barrier with aliens. A planet between us and the moon which somehow no one has ever noticed. And so many, many more.
Ridiculousness rating: 299792.458 km/s

One Response

  1. Guys From Space, however, is totally plausible. After all, if there’s no air on a planet, you just quickly run back inside your spaceship and shut the door.

    Every time I go to IKEA, I’m tempted to buy Swedish fish and see if they can pass for plastic-fish in the galaxy. They’re counterfeit currency, but they’re close enough to plastic!

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