Harriet the Spy on NPR and the Silver Screen

I’m sure we’re all buzzing about the fabulous NPR piece on Harriet this morning.
If you’re not buzzing you must have missed it:
Now here’s the shocker: I failed to read Harriet when I was  kid. Not sure why,
I knew of it, of course, but didn’t realize what I was missing.
Alas, that I didn’t read one less Three Investigators book and had instead read Harriet.
I first met Harriet in the movie. (I’ve read the book since then of course.)
Perhaps that is why I think the movie is great while some folks (Madge) couldn’t get over the casting of Harriet.
But the casting made sense. Michelle Trachtenberg had proved herself to be a superstar as Nona on “Pete & Pete.” (If you’ve never seen Nona, let me assure you she is on of the all-time great TV kids.) ((All the sadder to see what Trachtenberg has been reduced to since then — Teensploitation. Hopefully her career is on the mend!))
Harriet & Nona
Rosie O’Donnell as Ole Golly is a tougher sell, but I liked her just fine. And I liked her boyfriend!
The movie also has great kid casting for Sport, Janey, Marion and others. (The actress that played Janey, Vanessa Lee Chester, also shone in “A Little Princess.” She deserves better roles than what she’s getting these days, too.)
AND the movie has the greatest kidlit music soundtrack of all time. (Okay, maybe tied with Mary Poppins & Wizard of Oz.)
The music is by Jamshied Sharifi and the soundtrack is great to listen to whether you care for the movie or not.
AND the movie has Eartha Kitt in a perfect Kitt role.

4 Responses

  1. “All the sadder to see what Trachtenberg has been reduced to since then — Teensploitation. Hopefully her career is on the mend!”

    Gee — she was in this little show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer — perhaps you have heard of it. And there was this little movie called Ice Princess that was pretty good.

  2. Yes, I have heard of Buffy.

    But sadly I also heard about what came after Buffy — Eurotrip.
    And even more sadly I saw the way the movie was promoted.

  3. You know ‘those friends’ that everybody has who have nothing at all in common with you and you have no idea how you became friends with them in the first place? Well, my ‘those friends’ dragged me to see Eurotrip when it first came out and while I usually take those opportunities to grab a quick 90-minute nap in this case I actually found myself watching and… can you all ever forgive me?… enjoying it!!! I laughed many, many times! I’ve never been so ashamed! And while I probably wouldn’t call it a great movie overall, it did have some above average and surprisingly sophisticated comedic moments. And a lot of really stupid stuff as well.

  4. Now I’ve heard everything!

    I have to assume this is another crafty hoax by Steve. He played his hand subtly. Didn’t rush in with wild compliments that we wouldn’t have believed. He built a narrative, a story we could relate to … and then he sprung his trap! Then, when one of us is foolish enough to rent Euro-trip and we end up feeling dirty and betrayed, Steve will be laughing his head off.
    I’m not going to fall for your mindgames this time, Steve! After “Weekend at Bernies 2” I swore I’d never fall for you dastardly lies again! Why? Because it was no longer the weekend … and it was no longer at Bernies!

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