Poetry Friday – Crickenburg Kids Write Nasty Poems

At last!
Here it is, folks, real kid poems from Crickenburg kids. That’s right these kids are from the town that’s the setting for my book Qwikpick. I had a ball talking to these kids (and playing penny basketball with a few of them). Here are some highlights from the Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contest. remember they had about 2 minutes to write a “haiku.”
Cati wrote one that really builds to a climax, then keeps going:
Once I tasted a Jolly Rancher and
it smelled like poop? I ate it and
after I threw up in my dog’s food
and he ate it.
Mikayla’s poem really creates a picture of kids laughing their behinds of at another kid:
The worst thing I’ve ever smelled
is the mud that my cousin fell in
but it wasn’t really mud.
In this one, Isaas has written Ms. Rumphius’ challenge for the week:” a poem that directly addressed someone or something:”
Oh poop oh poop
how you lay in the toilet setting
in a puddle of brown you stink
so very badly that
you put upon my face a very
horrible frown
Emily was working the similes like Joey Pigza:
It was like a hot bowl of poop chili with a side of molded bread.
It was like a drink of chocolate lemonade with gym sock dripping of sweat.
It was like a burnt hot dog with horse relish and cole slaw.
Here’s one by someone’s whose name I can’t read. It may be for the best that it’s anonymous. To me this one really proves my point: poetry can do anything.
I farted and threw up
on zombie/ the zombie pooped
his pants twice.

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  1. Hey, Sam …

    Speaking of Crickenburg, my son and I read “Qwikpick” over the past week. My elder son is now reading it (taking a break from his Harry Potter book to do so!), and my mother’s 3rd grade class (she’s a teacher, not a student) is going to get a copy, as well.

    I wrote my review on my blog. I don’t know if you’ve got a review from a religious/political blog yet, but here you go …


    In short — I loved it, and it was even more fun than I expected. Thanks!

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