School visit = more nasty poems

Here’s a shot of the kids at Roanoke Catholic School…
… They read my book out loud in class. Look how happy they are! Maybe you should read Qwikpick to your class, too!
Here’s a few of their poems for my Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contest. Just like the kids in my book, The Qwikpick Adventure Society, the kids are challenged to make a “smell with words.” But they only got  1/2 minutes.
These were a little prose-ish, but the kids made up for that in grossness, inappropriateness and crudity. Good job, kids!
Here’s one by a girl who was a little Marilla-ish:
“I went to the store
and I saw someone fart
it was a big one.”
And one by a friendly boy named Larry:
“The worst thing is smell.
The worst thing is dirty !!
Like you!”
One of the best images (smell-image, that is) came from Jordan in a poem about dog poop:
“It smells real bad. It also smells like brussel sprouts dipped in salsa.”
The winner, Blake, was only one syllable off from a haiku, which is pretty good for 1 1/2 minutes:
If you smell somebody
who ate burriotos and beans
run for your life now!

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